The Berkeley Group & Family Therapy Institute
The Bay Area's Source for Group & Family Therapy for Over 30 Years

The Berkeley Group and Family Therapy Institute

The Berkeley Group & Therapy Institute was founded by Vivian Nelson & Bill Roller.


Group therapy is an effective way to change your life.

Group Therapy presents the opportunity to reshape our lives with insights into the lives of others. Each new group is a fresh start and a chance to learn so much about ourselves. Groups can strongly influence our behavior and help us make changes in the direction we want. You can share and work through personal problems in a group where you can trust the others and they can trust you. Although the experience of first joining a group can be daunting, the experience of making profound changes in the interest of your own health and happiness is exhilarating and life affirming. 

A good deal of what is usually called external in our lives is at the same time deeply internal and greatly influences us as we develop. Groups allow us to explore relationships with others and at the same time probe deeper into ourselves. 

Research has shown that groups are particularly valuable for people who are depressed.



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