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An Interview with Daniel Ellsberg

The man who revealed the Pentagon Papers now gives us a candid look inside the world of thermonuclear war planning from the perspective of one who in the early 1960's helped develop the U.S. strategy for using thermonuclear weapons.

The book, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, is the focus of Daniel Ellsberg's interview with Bill Roller. Ellsberg believes that not much has changed in the U.S. thermonuclear war strategy since the days of his active involvement: First Strike Capability, Civilian Targets, and the acceptable levels of civilian deaths approaching billions of human beings.

He reminds us of the consequences of Nuclear Winter-- the inevitable occurrence of massive amounts of smoke in the stratosphere from the explosion of thermonuclear weapons--resulting in the loss of the sun's light for years and the death if all human life on earth by starvation. This fact still remains outside the realm of political debate by elected representatives and beyond the general public's awareness.

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